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Create a Custom Gift Basket

Create a Custom Gift Basket

Step 1: Let us know the occasion or theme you would like.

Step 2: Product selection: If you do not see it, ask us, we will do our best to get it, candy, toy, item to that goes will your occasion or theme.

Step 3: Let us know your budget.

*NOTE* Sweets & Treats Candy Shoppe baskets are all made to order so there are no set prices. The pictures that are shown are pictures of orders that were originally created. Make sense?

Step 4: Type your gift card message to your basket recipient.

VERY IMPORTANT: Be sure to include the recipient’s name, your message, and who the gift is from (i.e., Debbie, A little candy to sweeten your day! Thanks for being an amazing friend! Hugs from Lisa)

Step 5: When you would like basket delivered.

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